Biographical Report on Dr. Douglas L. Conner of Starkville, Mississippi

I am taking part in The FORUM which is a one-year leadership development initiative for Starkville and the Oktibbeha County community in Mississippi. It is sponsored by the the Greater Starkville Development Partnership and managed by the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

One of our class projects is to do an individual research project on a historical person, event or structure that helps make Oktibbeha County what it is today. I chose to research Dr. Douglas L. Conner. My reasons for this choice were twofold: 1) I knew little about him and 2) I had for nearly ten years been driving on a street named after him.

For this project I was able to read his autobiography entitled A Black Physician’s Story: Bringing Hope in Mississippi (1985) which was written with long-time friend and Mississippi State University William L. Giles Distinguished Professor John F. Marszalek. I also was able to interview his wife and daughter. His life was full and his story very compelling. Though he lived to be 78 years old, he never retired.

I have included my report and presentation slides below:

In closing, I was honored to give this presentation to my class on November 13, 2008. I found that date especially fitting since it exactly marked the ten year anniversary of Dr. D. L. Conner’s passing. I was also honored to share a portion of the story of a man who gave more than 50 years of his life in the service of my community.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers Presentation at BlogWorld

On September 20, 2008 I had the privilege of joining Shawn Collins and Tim Jones in the Las Vegas Convention Center for a BlogWorld Expo panel presentation entitled “Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers.” Jim Kukral served as our moderator.

Our presentation slides can be viewed here and a video below (unfortunately the picture and sound quality is low [Update: as of 13-Aug-2016 this video seems to have been removed]).

I enjoyed this panel and the positive experience of working with the other panelists. We had a lot of fun and our audience seemed to enjoy it as well. There were a number of questions.

Being a blogging conference, there has also been some written feedback at Continue reading “Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers Presentation at BlogWorld”