1967 Chevrolet C10 LWB Stepside Pickup

I have a 1967 Chevrolet C10 long wheelbase stepside pickup truck. When I bought it in 1988 it wasn’t much to admire. In fact, it was very rusted, wouldn’t go into first or reverse gears, and had holes in the floor. Much has changed since then as you can imagine.

Over the years I’ve put a lot of time and effort into restoration and I need to do a lot more. Below I’ve listed some of the technical details and fun upgrades I’ve done to it over the years. I stuck with the inline 6 cylinder 250 engine it had when I bought it and think it’s fun to try to make 6=8. Continue reading “1967 Chevrolet C10 LWB Stepside Pickup”

Welcome to MikeAllen.me

The domain name MikeAllen.com was a given to me as a gift from my wife in 1998 to be used for something special someday. (I’ll get to MikeAllen.me later.) There seems to be at least one other Mike Allen everywhere I go and it’s easy for some people to get us confused; however, I think most of those experiences add to the fun of life. Even the occasional call from attorneys and collection agencies have their exciting moments until they finally believe me that they called the wrong Mike Allen. As you can guess, I’ve also had several offers to buy this domain from others with the name Mike Allen but I am not interested in selling.

Over the past decade I’ve had various things posted at MikeAllen.com. It’s been an on and off, hit or miss process. At times it has even been a “parked domain” page. Past websites, though, have included family photos, writings about my efforts in restoring and upgrading a 1967 Chevy pickup, and links to various work and other, mainly political interests.

In short, though, I didn’t feel that these uses were best for MikeAllen.com. When I restarted MikeAllen.com in 2008 as a personal blog I soon regretted that move. Instead, I felt I should be reserving it for something more substantial. So when the .me extensions became available a few weeks ago I grabbed MikeAllen.me and later moved some of my previous content to this location. Now I can save MikeAllen.com for something better and still have a personal blog with my name. Ah, the best of both worlds it seems.

What I anticipate for MikeAllen.me is to use it as a place for Continue reading “Welcome to MikeAllen.me”