1967 Chevrolet C10 LWB Stepside Pickup


I have a 1967 Chevrolet C10 long wheelbase stepside pickup truck. When I bought it in 1988 it wasn’t much to admire. In fact, it was very rusted, wouldn’t go into first or reverse gears, and had holes in the floor. Much has changed since then as you can imagine.

Over the years I’ve put a lot of time and effort into restoration and I need to do a lot more. Below I’ve listed some of the technical details and fun upgrades I’ve done to it over the years. I stuck with the inline 6 cylinder 250 engine it had when I bought it and think it’s fun to try to make 6=8.

– C10 LWB (long wheel base) stepside painted blue with chrome American Racing wheels and Cooper Cobra tires (size 245/60-15)



– Inline 6 cylinder 250 c.i. engine

– Clifford Performance 4 bbl. water-heated, aluminum intake manifold

– Carter Competition Series AFB 500 cfm carburetor with integral electric choke


carb_spacer– Summit Racing 4-hole square bore 1″ phenolic carb spacer (SUM-G1404). [Made from a special insulating phenolic resin, this spacer insulates the carb from excessive engine heat which can cause the fuel in the bowls to boil creating vapor lock. Four-hole spacers also enhance low-RPM torque & throttle response and dampen reversion effects.]

throttle cable

throttle cable– Lokar 36″ stainless steel Hi-Tech throttle cable (LOK-TC-1000HT36). [Has a Teflon inner liner & a stainless steel outer covering along with an aluminum Clevis end to provide smooth, no-bind cable operation.] & Lokar carburetor bracket with throttle return springs (LOK-SRK-4000)



– Edelbrock 14″ x 3″ chrome air cleaner

– Stovebolt cast iron split exhaust headers [These are great — no leaks!]

– Custom dual exhaust with X pipe made by Larry’s Muffler & Auto Repair in Starkville, Mississippi (2.25″ pipes to dual Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers and 2″ pipes after mufflers; straight out the back with stainless steel exhaust tips)


flex-a-lite_dual_electric_fans– Flex-A-Lite 12″ dual plastic puller-style electric fans with adjustable thermostat and A/C relay

– Derale six-pass copper engine oil cooler (17″ x 7.5″ x .75″) [had to use a shorter oil filter to fit between the engine and the frame (WIX 57099 or equivalent)


edelbrock_air_cleaner– Late 1970s GM HEI distributor with Borg Warner cap and rotor. Coil is not integrated into the cap.

– Newer and higher output GM alternator with built-in voltage regulator


dynomax_muffler_17733– R134a A/C system (mostly original-styled new parts under hood joined to an older Chrysler under-dash unit)- Custom 1 piece driveshaft made by Jackson Powertrain in Flowood, Mississippi



– Cyprus bed wood with stainless steel bed strips

– 3-speed manual transmission with Indy 3-speed floor shifter for truck

– Clifford Performance slotted aluminum side (lifter) covers

– Antique Mississippi license platederale_oil_cooler

– Antique Mississippi license platederale_oil_cooler

– Very soon: Slotted cast aluminum marine valve cover and power steering; may replace GM compressor with a smaller Vintage Air or Old Air Products unit with new brackets to better fit above the HEI distributor


indy_shifter– Coming later: Paint & body work (new rocker panels & maybe door skins, bedsides & floor patch panels); tonneau cover; black carpet & dash pad; aluminum headlight bezels & grill; split bench seat with fold down console from late ’90s Chevy pickup (electric adjustment would be nice); retractable shoulder harness seat belts; stainless steel door sill plates; and Rhino Linings sprayed-on polyurethane truck bedliner or equivalent

– Even later: Tach dash instrument cluster with vacuum guage, .442″ lift marine cam; 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission (700R4 or 2004R); new stereo (don’t want to cut dash); front & rear sway bars; power brakes

– Dreaming: Cruise control; all-wheel disk brakes; alloy wheels; nitrous (just jokin’), and more chrome & engine dress-up



3 replies on “1967 Chevrolet C10 LWB Stepside Pickup”

i have a 67 swb with a rebuilt 250 long block from jasper motors.
got everything put back together but my exhaust manifold is leaking.
as you well know,this isnt my first go around w/ this problem.on used on after do i convert to a split intake and exhaust manifold? i dont want to go with a 4 barrel carb, im not looking to soup-it up,just get away from the bolt together system.
thanks for your time, ben

it seems to be a good one. decent price very freindly, they give you 3 year 30,000 mile warranty so thats a plus.we will see how it lasts. thanks for the reply. i will stay in touch

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