5 Tips for Hiring Good Employees

I recently read a great blog post by Bill Flaggs of RegOnline about strategies for hiring good employees. Bill laid out his 5-step process and some very useful suggestions for finding and hiring great employees. As an employer, I think his advice is worth remembering and personally employing (pun intended).

In a nutshell, Bill Flaggs’ five employee selection steps are as follows:

1. Write a job ad that is standout and personable.

Flaggs uses Craig’s List for this. The example he offered is “Support SuperStar: looking for people to knock the socks off our clients everyday.”

2. Link the job ad to a strong landing page.

Since the ad is online, link it to an interesting and personable landing page (see a screen capture of the RegOnline landing page) that tells prospective employees why they would want to work there.

3. Show why people like to work at your company.

Use a video, letter from the CEO and other interesting details (RegOnline even linked to their Continue reading “5 Tips for Hiring Good Employees”